Janis Ware

Moving from hurting to healing to peace.


My mission is to offer accessible yoga to those experiencing challenges with their bodies and those seeking a practice especially adapted to their bodies and needs. I want your yoga to meet you where you are...right now...this moment.


Every BODY can practice yoga.


I share yoga with people who think they cannot do yoga due to physical limitations, lack of flexibility, physical disability, body size, aging issues, healing from an injury or  recovering from surgery. My students desire to find peace and strength with the body they have in the here and now, regardless of how the body may be presenting at this time. I serve all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.


My body has been one of my greatest teachers.


I began practicing yoga in 2004, each year learning more about the many aspects of yoga. As my body changed resulting in more physical challenges, I gradually learned how to adapt my practice to these changes. My body has taught me about having compassion for and patience with myself. This strengthened my desire to share yoga with others who may have experiences with body limitations. I believe all people deserve access to the teachings of yoga and the benefits it has to offer.


Specialized yoga trainings.


After completing the Accessible Yoga training, I knew I wanted to follow this path. I completed my 200RYT at Balanced Breath School of Yoga. Additional trainings include Trauma Informed Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for All and Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga.  I love to learn more about how I can best serve others.


These are not your typical yoga classes. 


I offer small classes that include others experiencing various body challenges in a safe, supported way of practicing yoga. People practice on mats, in chairs or a combination of both. Props are available for in-person classes. Class size is limited, allowing me to collaborate with each student as we explore how a posture may look in that person’s  body. I also offer private yoga for those wanting a more individual experience. I invite you to contact me today for more information to see how you may best be served.